Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th Of July!!

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Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th of July, to all Americans today
That’s well known as Independence Day
For those who support the stars ‘n stripes
‘N the colors of red, white ‘n blue array!

Like all the Vets who represented a US flag
Who fought for it so bravely ‘n wore a tag
‘N without ’em all, there’d be no declaration
So honor all those who died in your nation!

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Re-purposing a pair of end tables

I found this pair of end tables outside someone’s house, waiting to be picked up by the trash men. As soon as I seen them in the distance while driving down a street, I screamed at my boyfriend Lee to pull over. Nearly scaring him half to death, I jumped out of the car and grabbed these tables from the trash. I’m not normally a “trash picker” just stating for the record but I knew that I could do something fun and creative with them. I’ve had them sitting on my porch for almost a year now. Mostly due to not having the time but also because my ideas on designing them have changed drastically over the months. This weekend I finally decided to start these cute tables, seeing as I had some spare time.

Now let it be known, I am not an expert in doing this kind of stuff. It’s all learning as I go. I’m a busy mom and college student, so finding time to do something creative for personal gratification, is a struggle in it’s own.

Old End Tables

This is stage 1 of my project. I took a course hand sander and scrubbed it down until it’s original wood base came through. Making sure to get the edges and the legs of the tables really good. I bought a sponge foam roller and a bucket of beautiful gem turquoise paint. My plan is to double coat and re-finish by giving them that old rough around the edges look. I also bought crystal knobs to replace the old hardware. The insides of these draws have old ads printed on them from 1847. Their very old tables but I guess not considered actual antique. Antique enough for me. Right now my first coat of paint is drying. I was thinking of putting a stencil on the top, just to give them something a little extra but I’m still undecided. We shall see…

It took me some time, primer, two coats of gem turquoise (which I’m head over heels in love with) but they are just about finished! Got my hands on some Victorian crystal knobs and viola!


By the way these are not glazed yet. I plan on getting to that this week and possibly a better picture with my Nikon uploaded, to really see this gorgeous color better!